Destroyer Pest Control offers various services for both residential and commercial settings. We are committed to deliver services that are innovative and safe for our clients and the environment at the same time.

We understand that each problem is different, therefore our services are customized to meet the needs of each one. No matter how intense the situation is, no matter where the pests are lurking, we at Destroyer Pest Control can eliminate the menace in no time!

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Termite Control Treatments

Whether you are working on a new construction or have an existing termite problem, Destroy Pest Control can help you in the control and treatment. We offer options to homeowners and business owners, depending on the intensity of the situation, environmental conditions, and the stability of your furnishings or  property.

We use conventional liquid termiticides, as well the latest methods and techniques of baiting and monitoring. Treatment options vary from one another. Call Destroyer Pest Control today for a free assessment and consultation.


Termite Inspections

If you’re buying a new home or acquiring a new property, it is important to check for termite infestation first. While real estate agents or property owners themselves say that its all clean and good-to-go, it still pays to double check.

We can identify the presence of wood destroying insects beyond what the ordinary eye can see. Our detailed report will tell you the intensity of the pest problem if there are any. In addition, we make suggestions and possible solutions of whether it can still be prevented and treated, or if it already needs full refurbishing.

Make your investment count and call Destroyer Pest Control for a professional termite inspection today.



Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs might be very small insects but they shouldn’t be taken for granted. These tiny  blood-sucking insects breed in clusters and infest places where people and animals usually sleep.

It’s hard to detect a bed bug, and that’s where professionals like Destroyer Pest Control comes in. We check everything under the covers, every nook and cranny and corner. Bed bugs have no escape from us and our treatment options.

Protect your family, your kids, and your customers from these small but terrible insects. Call us today to schedule an inspection and treatment solution.